Pricelist and catalogue

Catalog and brochures

  • Chain link fences – IDEAL® (.pdf)
  • Artifi cial living fence, Shielded link (.pdf)
  • RATANPIL® – shading screen for panel fences (.pdf)
  • Welded wire mesh – PILONET® (.pdf)
  • Decoration mesh – DEKORAN® (.pdf)
  • Wicket – ECONOMY® (.pdf)
  • Wickets and gates – SOLID® (.pdf)
  • Wickets and gates – IDEAL® (.pdf)
  • Wickets and gates – PILGATE® (.pdf)
  • Wickets and gates – PILOFOR® (.pdf)
  • Wickets and gates – PILOFOR SUPER® (.pdf)
  • Accessory for wickets and gates (.pdf)
  • Hexagonal and welded wire netting for breeders (.pdf)
  • Posts and post supports (.pdf)
  • Accessory for installation of square fencing meshes and welded meshes (.pdf)
  • Base slabs with accessory (.pdf)
  • Under-fence foil (.pdf)
  • Earth screws (.pdf)
  • Forest mesh (.pdf)
  • Highest protection elements (.pdf)
  • Industrial welded panels PILOFOR® ECO, LIGHT (.pdf)
  • Industrial welded panels PILOFOR® CLASSIC CLASSIC (.pdf)
  • Industrial welded panels PILOFOR® SUPER (.pdf)
  • Industrial welded panels PILOFOR® SUPER STRONG (.pdf)
  • Mobile fencing (.pdf)
  • Garage doors (.pdf)
  • Gabions (.pdf)
  • Gabions to order (.pdf)
  • PILWOOD® fence boards (.pdf)
  • PILWOOD® Terrace (.pdf)
  • Plastic pickets – PILPLAST® (.pdf)
  • Accessories for metal fences (.pdf)
  • Aluminium Fencing – ALUPIL® (.pdf)


  • Instructions for assembling chain link fences IDEAL® (.pdf)
  • Instructions for assembling welded wire nettings PILONET® (.pdf)
  • Installation instructions for BENITA® (.pdf)
  • Installation instructions for knotted fencing mesh LIGHT, STANDARD, PREMIUM (.pdf)
  • Instructions for assembling PILOFOR® panels on round posts IDEAL® (.pdf)
  • Instructions for assembling PILOFOR® welded panels on square posts 60 × 60 mm (.pdf)
  • Instructions for assembling PILOFOR® welded panels on rectangular posts PILODEL® 60 × 40 mm (.pdf)
  • Instructions for mounting PILWOOD® fence boards (.pdf)

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